We know that being far from home and in an entirely new surrounding can be challenging. Therefore, we will try to support you in the best way during that time. We will have monthly meetings with all the volunteers, where we will talk about your experiences and try to find improvement options, if necessary. And our office is of course always open for you to stop by if you need anything. Within your project, you will also have a mentor that will be responsible for you to make sure that your voluntary service is going well for you as well as for the project.

During your year in Leipzig, you will also participate in two seminars that are organized by the program. Those seminars will provide you information on the ESC, check if everything is going well, help you to get to know volunteers in other places of Germany.

There will also be two project days on changing topics together with all the volunteers. Our last day was on the topic “solidarity” and apart from learning a lot also heaps of fun. Furthermore, we will have different social events, for example a welcoming evening or winter and summer parties. Within the socio-cultural center, there are also a lot of events happening where you can participate, like the language evening or the open stage.

Hier findest du uns!

Soziokulturelles Zentrum

Lessingstr. 7, 04109 Leipzig
Makerspace Leipzig
Lindenthaler Straße 61-65
Haus der Begegnung
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