1. Use the checklist above to make sure that you fulfill the requirements to participate within the ESC-program.

2. Register yourself through this tool to receive your personal ESC number.

3. Go to our website and check for open calls for volunteers (we will announce the positions for a start in spring in October and for a start in autumn in April). Apply for one of the volunteering positions through our form which you will find, once you click on the project. We only accept applications that we receive through this form. You can apply for several positions but please only apply for those you are genuinely interested in, as more applications don’t increase your chances. You will find the open positions on our website.

4. After the application deadline, we will go through the applications and have interviews with possible candidates. You will receive an acception or rejection within four weeks. Please keep in mind that we only have a small amount of positions that we can give to non-EU citizens.

5. After your acceptance, we will give you the necessary information on the following process. If you received a rejection, check for other nice projects or apply again next year.

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