Project Amor Amor

Raum: Makerspace Leipzig - die Mitmachwerkstatt

am Dienstag, 6. Juni 2023
Beginn: 18:00 Uhr
Ende: ca. 20:00 Uhr
Preis: 5 €  (ermäßigt: 3,75 €)

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Bringing more love to the world, one letter at a time

Love, Leipzig, and letters: A perfect trio for spreading amor!

Spread the Love: Join our ❤️ filled writing session!

Project Amor Amor is an inclusive project that connects people through random acts of kindness. For our project, this means writing short, kind, and optimistic letters to strangers to find around a city.

Our mission: to spread amor(e)


  • 18h to 19:30: writing and socializing
  • 19:30 to 20h dropping off letters around the neighbourhood (or, doing so in your own neighbourhood)

What materials do we use (to be provided)

  • A6 cards 
  • Matching envelopes (we use white; but if you want to use another colour, feel free)
  • A text marker: any colour
  • Masking tape
  • A pen

What you need to bring: 

  • Some love to share

Your host

  • Nicole Gottselig (she/her)

besonders geeignet für:

Für diese Veranstaltungen sind keine guten Deutschkenntnisse notwendig. Good German is not needed in this event.

Hier findest du uns!

Soziokulturelles Zentrum

Lessingstr. 7, 04109 Leipzig
Makerspace Leipzig
Lindenthaler Straße 61-65
Haus der Begegnung
Zschochersche Straße 32
Selliner Straße 17