European Solidarty Corps: Voluntary ecological work in an eco-house (Ökohaus)


The Markleeberg eco house of the CJD Saxony opened on September 2020. Originally it was built with local wood, straw and clay in 2008 and 2009 as a straw bale house with a green roof. It is located in the 50 hectare Agra Park, which was originally created in 1890 and is now a memorial

of garden art. Some parts of the park are a landscape protection area "Leipziger Auwald" as well as protected under European Bird sanctuary. We want to develop the house as open meeting places for naturalists, nature adventure garden, with special school holiday and youth programs and project days to heighten an awareness for natural habitat. Children and young people strengthen their social skills and responsible behavior and develop their skills in natural science, art and the environment.

A second working place is a youth center/open point for children and youth not far from the eco house. It is a place where young people design there leisure time supported by the staff. Apart from games, sports and music job orientation and learning to lead a self-sustained life are important topics of the work with the youths.


In the eco house the volunteer works in the garden. Beside daily gardening there are special nature youth activities that can be supported or created by the volunteer. The volunteers helps within nature education projects and it is foreseen that the volunteer develops and realize with the support of the staff own nature education offers. The eco house is still in the initial phase so ideas and own projects of the volunteer are welcome. In the youth club the volunteer support the youths and the staff designing and carrying through leisure activities on a daily base as well as special projects which have a longer duration. The volunteer shall bring aspects of his or her own country into the work, e.g. music, games, sports, language, cooking or handicraft.

In addition, there will be realised several project days towards topics of solidarity in europe / participation / social projects for all ESC volunteers. The volunteers have to take part, learn and to realise an own social idea. They should also inform about social project in their homecountry and present it to the others.

Selection criteria:

Interest in working with youth / interest in working in nature (he/she should like working and beeing outside, working with wood, plants...)/ open-mindedness and self-initiative. Age limit: 26.

Measles & Covid-19 vaccination is mandatory!

Selection process:

Please complete the online questionnaire you find on our page. We collect all applications until the deadline, then all applications that are complete will be forwarded to the responsibles of the hosting organisation who decide about the candidate. The selection process takes 1-2 months. You will get an answer during or latest after 2 months.


Application deadline: 12.12.2021

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