3 places for ESC @ Kindergarten in Leipzig ("BBW Group", 12 months)


We coordinate places in different ESC places in kindergartens of the non profit „BBW: Berufsbildungswerk Leipzig“. All institutions have a focus on:

  • development /consolidation / training of the social-communicative and intercultural competencies of children, professionals, and parents
  • integration

The kindergartens work with pedagogically open concepts. That means, children decide by themselves how they spend the day and choose their favorite activities. Children can choose their favorite places to play and learn – in the institutions are art, music, and creative spaces for playing roles, singing, handicrafts, experiments, and even in some kindergartens a media space to introduce the children into the topic. Children play as well in the garden outside the buildings. The concept is framed by some general roles for all children (like how to deal with conflicts etc.). The institutions cooperate with primary school to prepare children for the time after kindergarten. Furthermore, there are special highlights during the year like a summer event. Period rituals like daily singing, big morning-circle and times for movement, role plays belong to everyday activities.

The 3 ESC places are in:

- KiTa Bremer Str.“:  In 2021 the building of the kindergarten was completely renewed and is now very modern and also barrier-free. There is space for 45 children from the age of one and another 135 places for pre-school children. The kindergarten follows the principle of inclusion, which means that children with different competences and demands playing and learning together. The buildings offer several rooms for activities, as well as recreation and sleeping. For moving and sports, as well as educational programs, there is a big outside area, surrounding the house with sports, gardening and creative equipment.

- "KiTa Wurzner Str.“: The hosting institution is a children day care center and since 2011 a child and family center in the Leipzig district „Volkmarsdorf“. The kindergarten provides 45 places (including 6 integration places). An important point for us is the inclusion of children with handicap. The institution has individual rooms für moving, playing, sleeping and food and a wonderful big garden. The pedagogic work of our Kita focuses on open work, the groups of the children are age-mixed and there are spaces for role play, art, handicrafts. Furthermore, there are special highlights during the year like seasonal festivities (connected to events happening in the district as well).

- "KiTa Gustav-Freytag-Str.":The hosting institution is a kindergarden, founded in 1953, since 1993 as independent non profit institution with a capacity of 180 children (120 kindergarten places including 6 integration places and 60 nursery places). The instituion has a focus on northern europe, especially Sweden, and takes part in pedagogic exchange programs. Another focus for us is the inclusion of children with disabilities. The institution has individuell rooms für moving, playing, sleeping and food, additional room for different offers and a wonderful garden. The pedagogic work of our Kita focusses on open work, there are spaces for role play, art, handicrafts. Furthermore there are special highlights during the year like seasonal festivities.

In addition, there will be realised several project days towards topics of „Europe“ and European Union (participation, youth mobility possibilities etc.) for all volunteers. Volunteers can take part or hold a workshop in a school class afterwards.


  • work in a group with children between 2 and 7 years
  • support the pedagogues in their daily routines with the kids
  • attend creative projects that are carried through the different spaces of the kindergarten (handicrafts, theatre...)
  • set up own small or bigger projects in the kindergarten
  • get to know and co-arrange the work with the parents and participate in important processes like preparing elder kids for school
  • volunteer shall actively enter aspects of his/her own culture into the daily life with the kids and create special projects around this

Two seminars organized by NA. In addition, there will be realized several project days towards topics of Europe / mobility in Europe for all ESC volunteers.

Link to the all BBW kindergartens: https://www.bbw-kita.de/

Selection criteria:

  • interest in working with children in a kindergarten
  • depending on the profile of the kindergarten: being creative & imaginative / language requirements in those kindergartens with bilingual profile / open-minded and communicative behavior
  • some basic knowledge in German language is a plus
  • age 18-26 years
  • vaccination measles & COVID required

Selection process:

Please complete the online questionnaire you find here. We collect all applications until the deadline, then all applications that are complete will be forwarded to the responsibles of the hosting organisations who will decide about the candidate. The selection process takes some weeks, maximum 2 months. You will get an answer during or latest after 2 months.


Apply here!


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